Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mat Training

Today I ordered a crate for Fi.  After this week with the in-laws (see previous post), I figured we should have a place that will keep both Fi, and other people safe.  The crate won't arrive for a few days, so I have started some preliminary training.  I'm using a blanket that Fi likes to lay on as a mat that will eventually go inside the crate.  A few weeks ago we began working on mat training with a dog bed, which I will post below.  I am switching to the blanket because Fi has never taken to liking the dog bed (figures).

Because Fi already understood the concept of going to a mat, it was pretty easy to transition over to the blanket. Once I get the crate, I will put the blanket on the metal bottom without the sides and train like that for a while before adding walls to the crate.  Below is the second session with the blanket.  I never cue her to lay down, I just waited for her to do it on her own.  That way I don't have to release her from the down.

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