Friday, July 1, 2011


For my first post, it seems appropriate to give some background on my experience with dogs and training.  I am not a professional trainer, but I do believe that clicker training as a method (not simply using a clicker) is the most humane and clear way to communicate with your dog.

I have always loved dogs, and the training that goes along with owning one.  I taught my Sheltie everything he knows when I was only 10.  Until about 2 years ago, however, my training methods were mostly trial and error.  My life changed when I discovered the small community of clicker trainers on YouTube, who are some of the most kind and passionate people I've encountered.  I immediately connected with the method and began a quest to learn as much as possible. 

On a personal level I am writing this blog to learn patience, and hold myself accountable to the positive way of life I hope to live.  On a social level, I want to show through my journey that it IS possible to create a lifelong bond with your dog using entirely positive methods.

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